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Christmas Calendar

420 SEK

Sugar, cream, glucose syrup, butter, chocolate (sugar, cocoa, cocoa butter, emulsifier canola lecithin, bourbon vanilla), honey, pistachios, pineapple, black currants, sea salt, almonds, coconut, gooseberries, figs, mango, lemon juice, hazelnuts, coffee beans, ginger, licorice powder, popcorn, salmiak, cardamom, hibiscus, rosemary, essence (arrack, violet), saffron, orange oil, pomelo, lavender, cinnamon, cloves and bourbon vanilla. All caramels may contain traces of nuts and gluten. Best before January 2023.

Pärlans Christmas Calendar is this year's tastiest calendar. The calendar hides 24 soft caramels, one for each day until Christmas Eve. All with a unique taste - experience fruity, salty, sweet, spicy, classic, odd, adult and childish.

Handmade in Stockholm.

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