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XX/Élise Mouthwash

340 SEK


Selahatin is a contemporary oral care brand. The brand's ambition is to elevate the experience of an essential everyday routine. Named from founder Kristoffer Vural’s grandfather, Selahatin draws inspiration from a part Nordic, part oriental heritage. By fusing classic spices with refreshening aromas Selahatin is representing a mix of eastern and western influences.

An alluring composition, with a chameleon soul. With intertwining notes of Siccilian Citrus, Turkish lime, and biting eucalyptus, the aroma is juxtaposing between cool and hot. XX/Élise will cradle you in a false sense of security with its initial light and crisp character before a raw and biting force will hit you like a kiss.

225 PPM sodium fluoride, chamomile extract, antioxidants, aloe Vera.
200 ml
- Counteracts dry mouth
- Vegan/Cruelty free
- Moisturising
- Anti-inflammatory
- Inhibits bad breath
- Protects sensitive teeth
- Dermatologically tested