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PP201 - Papercord Seat

From 38 440 SEK

W: 58 cm, D: 49 cm, H: 70 cm, SH: 43 cm

In PP201 and PP203, Wenger has combined the aesthetics of his ‘Minimal Chair’ with the construction of the ‘Chinese Chair’ and creates a new expression. The chair has a strictly geometrically defined frame construction, and therefore differs from his works from the 1950s which were often characterized by more organic shapes. PP201 / PP203 is also one of the most important milestones in the lifelong close partnership between Hans J. Wegner and PP Møbler.

The brand
PP Møbler - As one of the most prestigious furniture manufacturers globally, PP Møbler manages the legacy of Hans J. Wegner. Chairs, dining tables, armchairs, etc.
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