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Marie-Antoinette – Candle

1 100 SEK

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22 cm

Reproduction of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (French National Museum) historical riches.

This object is an idealized portrait of the queen, rather than supreme at the height of her power. The head is slightly turned to the right; the shoulders are covered with cloth; wearing a crown decorated with a fleur-delis and a row of pearls. As one of the most famous and controversial women in French history, Marie-Antoinette was the subject of many artistic representations. Many valuable objects disappeared during the French Revolution. Fortunately, some copies have survived the upheavals of time.

The brand
Cire Trudon - The start as early as 1643 makes Cire Trudon the world's oldest, still active, candle manufacturer. See our range of scented candles & scented sticks at Artilleriet.
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