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Realism No. 48 - 70 x 100

1 380 SEK

Delivery status: Estimated delivery (2-4 weeks)
70x100 cm
NOTE: This is a flat print.

This artwork is printed on 240g matte enhanced fine art paper.


"The new Atelier Cph art collection “Realism” is an abstract representation of the turbulent and chaotic time we are experiencing. Recent disorder and uncontrollable happenings all over the world have had a big influence on our minimalistic and clean aesthetics, resulting in a darker, more disorderly design universe. Frustration was translated into uncontrolled scribbles and lines, as we discovered a new aesthetic expression. Based on these feelings we experimented with different techniques, textures, and materials while keeping our focus on tactility and quality. This print is made with lino paint."

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