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Bliss Carpet

From 17 660 SEK

Wool, tencel
160 x 240 cm
200 x 300 cm
250 x 375 cm
Hand tufted rugs shall always be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. Dry cleaning and other chemical treatments can ruin the back of the rug and the colors.
Stains on silk and tencel shall not be removed with water, only a slightly damp cloth and try on a small part of the carpet first. Never use chemicals at home.


Bliss carpet is a hand tufted rug in wool with Tencel details. Designed by Nina Kullberg for Asplund.

The rug has a pattern of geometrical shapes inspired by the American Hard Edge art, which flourished during the 60s, but with a minimalist Scandinavian approach with a more neutral colors scheme.

The brand
Asplund - Furniture, carpets & home accessories designed by a careful selection of designers. Among other things, the popular series Snö & Palias.
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